We provide two server deployment options: on our own Signage Sense servers, and on the client's server.

Hosting on Signage Sense's own servers

Our servers are already optimized for NaviSign. We took all measures to so that the service works quickly and without errors.

Advantages of this solution:
  • access to the control panel is carried out without restrictions from anywhere in the world
  • maintenance and updating of server software and OS is the concern of our company's specialists
  • readiness of your service in the shortest possible time

Placing on the server at the client

Sometimes there are certain circumstances when you need to install software on a server the client We provide such a turnkey service.

In case of such an implementation, our specialists can also maintain the software and OS of the server by agreement with the client.

Minimum server requirements:
  • the server can be dedicated (separate PC or specialized server), and virtual. VirtualBox and VMware virtual machines are supported
  • server operating system: Ubuntu Server (not lower than version 22.04 LTS)
  • amount of RAM: 4 GB
  • hard disk (HDD/SSD/NVMe): 64 GB
  • processor: 4 cores


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