Digital displays are an effective way to attract the attention of consumers. Brands in a new way interact with users and give them a new experience in using the product.

You can dilute the advertising and informational content on Digital Signage with various widgets that are displayed on the main page of touch screens.

We develop widgets for business requirements. They are compatible with MagicINFO and other Digital Signage systems, and also integrate with any data sources.

Widgets can be display:

  • local time, date, weather forecast
  • exchange rates, stock quotes
  • onchain data: all news about Bitcoin - hashrates, transactions, exchange summaries
  • information about traffic jams in the city
  • content from social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • news sources
  • countdown to product launches, store openings, and more

Widgets allow you to trust the content more and, if used correctly, will become attractive function on the screen.


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