The content creation and management system is the main element of Digital Signage. In order to choose an appropriate solution, it is necessary to present in detail the future process of managing the created by the DS system, as well as taking into account the tasks of your business.

CMS (CMS) - allows you to manage all types of content from one device. Available in your personal account analytics of impressions/views, the process of creating and uploading new content does not require special of knowledge The program interface is simple and accessible, so content media planning does not take up a lot of time.

We develop CMS that allow you to centrally manage displays on different platforms: Tizen, webOS.

We also create complex solutions for business requests. For example, a demonstration of dispatch schedules buses, trains, planes and menu boards. Such a combination cannot be implemented by standard CMS, therefore, an individual brand solution is created.

CMS functionality allows:

  • create and publish content to screens (images, videos, combined content, ticker, RSS feeds, widgets);
  • adjust the media schedule by days of the week and time;
  • configure automatic display on/off timers;
  • screen settings control: volume/brightness level, on/off function volume (mute);
  • control of the content being played (fixation on a snapshot of the content being played);

For the implementation of your project, we will select the most convenient CMS platform or offer a unique one a decision that correlates with the project budget, type of DS equipment and business objectives.


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