MagicINFO cloud solution is specially designed for Samsung Smart Signage displays

Single server, provides universal access and management of several or hundreds of displays.

With MagicINFO, you can create playlists and schedules for content playback, and remotely control content on all of your screens.

You can purchase our pre-configured server and a license to manage MagicINFO, or we can create an individual server for your needs and business requests.

If you have any questions about the MagicINFO Cloud service - Please leave your request below

MagicInfo Cloud service

After thoroughly researching the products and solutions available in the digital signage market, we selected the best product and tested it on major cloud computing platforms. Finally, we have tested and successfully launched several large-scale projects based on the best combination of digital signage and cloud computing platforms.

The services we offer are based on the state-of-the-art MagicINFO digital signage platform. The MagicINFO solution was developed by Samsung for Samsung Smart Signage displays, which provides exceptional synergy between display hardware, software provision and functionality of the server.

The latest generation of MagicINFO platforms has outstanding functionality, for the most part questions "Is it possible to do..." the answer will be positive. According to our tests and project experience, the best cloud computing platform to deploy and run MagicINFO for reliability, security, scalability and availability worldwide is AWS, so the services we provide to our customers are based on the integration of the two of the best platforms - MagicINFO digital signage and AWS cloud computing.

MagicInfo Cloud service


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